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United States Trademark Renewal Service

United States Trademark Renewal Service provides trademark owners with assistance in renewing their United States trademarks.

Your United States Trademark Is Scheduled For Cancellation If You Have Not Renewed It.

Your United States Trademark will be cancelled by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) unless you take the necessary action to preserve it.

Avoid Cancellation By Timely Filing Your Declaration(s)

To prevent cancellation of the mark, you must file a Declaration of Use stating your use of the mark in commerce or that your non-use is due to special circumstances. If you qualify, you may also file a Declaration of Incontestability to acquire certain additional rights.

United States Trademark Renewal Service Can Help You Renew Your Trademark Now

We can prepare and forward to you for your signature all documents necessary to avoid cancellation if you take the steps outlined below.

You Must Complete Both Sides Of The Form That You Received And Mail It With Your Payment. Please Print Or Type the Requested Information on the Form

  1. Review the accuracy of the data on the form;
  2. Make corrections if necessary;
  3. Complete the answers to the questions on the back; and
  4. Return the form in the enclosed envelope with your check for $250 made payable to USTRS.