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Compliance Filings, Inc. (“CFI”) is a full service nationwide filings compliance company, providing businesses and business owners in all states with assistance in complying with various State and Federal laws relating to their businesses. Please contact us by phone for more information on our services.

Compliance Filings Divisions

CFI has several divisions to assist its clients in meeting all of their compliance requirements.

Assumed Business Name Renewal Service

Assumed Business Name Renewal Service assists businesses in various states requiring compliance notices and filings with respect to Assumed Business Names. Services include renewal registration and modifications of Assumed Business Names.

Corporate Compliance Center

Corporate Compliance Center assists corporations in various states in maintaining their required annual corporate minutes, filing amendments to Articles of Incorporation, name changes, abandonment of names, name reservations, formation and dissolution of corporations.

Fictitious Business Name Renewal Service

Fictitious Business Name Renewal Service division assists business owners operating under Fictitious Business Names in meeting their compliance filings requirements with respect to registration, renewal, assignment, abandonment and modifications.

Labor Poster Compliance Center

Labor Poster Compliance Center assists businesses in complying with the various State and Federal notice and posting requirements to employees by providing a complete labor poster compliance solution.